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manThe number of individuals impacted by career transition, the loss of a child, and/or  experiencing an obstacle to building their families is staggering. The financial, psychological, and emotional toll these populations experience as a result of the obstacles they face often leads to  extreme feelings of isolation, hopelessness, and despair. With numbers like the ones below, it is easy to see why. There are many reasons that Hiring For Hope was formed. Outlined below are a few of the main things that keep us up at night.  To review a complete overview of the statistics and resources related to this section please click the green "Statistical Summary Incidence Rates" button .



The Dollars and Nonsense Of It All

Dollars1 in 6 couples  currently face  challenges associated with infertility, and 80 million Americans have considered adoption. The costs associated with burying your child, adopting, and/or using fertility treatments have skyrocketed. 

  • Cost to bury your child: $8,000 - $10,000
  • Adoption or fertility treatments:  $500-40,000 (depending on the type of fertility treatment needed or type of adoption that is pursued). 

Most insurance companies in most states view fertility treatments as "elective procedures",  and only 15 states currently have laws that require any sort of insurance coverage for this process.  Because of these steep costs and the issues associated with insurance limitations, most will abandon their dreams of becoming parents.

  • Less than 2% of those who have considered adoption will ever even begin the process, and only 1% will ever complete it
  • The same depressing conclusion is reached by those exploring fertility treatments


Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness and EducationPregnancy and Infant Loss - Awareness, Education and Prevention

Did you know that October 15 is International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day? Probably not. Prime time news this date featured National Hand Washing Day. Of course, like anyone else we encourage good hygiene practices.  However, this example shows how much opportunity there is to improve our level of awareness and education about pregnancy and infant loss. Following are some key statistics:


  • 15-20% of all clinically recognized pregnancies end in miscarriage each year, so the likelihood of a miscarriage is fairly great.  Yet many couples are still completely blindsided, stunned, and devastated when it happens to them
  • Male infertility has been found to be the major cause of a couple’s inability to conceive in 50% of childless couples. Most resources, fertility clinic applications, and infertility awareness campaigns are focused primarily on the female
  • More than a half million babies (1 in 8) in the U.S. are born prematurely. An estimated $26 billion is spent on healthcare costs related to prematurity in the United States. 
  • Nearly 2,500 babies a year are lost in the United States due to S.I.D.S. and nearly 30,000 babies are born sleeping. The number of silent births that occur worldwide each year jumps to more than 3.2 million/year.

bizAs a nation, we have made significant progress in educating the public about S.I.D.S. Most parenting classes today do an excellent job of  teaching expectant parents about the risk of S.I.D.S. and send them home equipped with a list of ways to prevent it. Unfortunately, we have not yet achieved this same level of awareness, education, and prevention regarding stillbirth (S.A.D.S).

  • More babies die as a result of stillbirth than all other causes of infant deaths combined. S.A.D.S. occurs 10 times more frequently than S.I.D.S.

The awareness and education gap between these two causes of death is both tragic and puzzling. The travesty surrounding stillbirths doesn't stop with the death of the baby, or with the limited amount of awareness and education that is currently readily available. It also carries over into areas of research and prevention. Much of this void can be attributed to a shortage of adequate data to review and a lack of standardization. Finally, the fact  that more people are not aware of  Dr. Jason Collins work at the Pregnancy Institute and are consequently not able to take advantage of his findings, or implement his prevention methods, is one of stillbirth's greatest tragedies. We intend to change this.  

Education and Awareness for Job Seekers

It's no longer life as usual when you are looking for a job. Technology and social media have severely altered the way employers conduct their hiring processes.  Job seekers find themselves in a recessionary "employer's market" in which decision makers can be extremely selective when making their hiring decisions. Education and Awareness for Job Seekers

  • Competition for jobs is fierce.  The national total unemployment rate is currently extremely high.

Unfortunately, the education available for job seekers has not kept up. Many job seekers find themselves facing today's competitive job market without the proper tools and knowledge needed to maximize their chances of success. This causes many job seekers to feel more scared, overwhelmed, and helpless than ever before.  Some people are trying to capitalize on this "gap" by charging job seekers to attend educational workshops on topics such as the use of Social Media in the job search process.  We offer this workshop and many others to help you during the entire career transition process free of charge.  They are all online, and can be taken at your leisure from the comfort of your own homes. 

Why No "One Stop Shop"?

Why we existAs we embarked upon our own journeys of grief and healing, and searched for ways to overcome our own obstacles, we found that many individuals in our same circumstances had a need and/or a desire to explore several different options in order to deal with their loss and overcome their obstacles.  It is fairly common for a couple to have suffered a loss, be faced with fertility treatments, and be simultaneously trying to understand and/or maneuver through the daunting adoption process.  Getting our hands on all the information, resources, and finances that we needed was challenging.  We also found ourselves bumping around cyberspace like a ping-pong ball from one organization to the next. So to us, it made more sense to have all of the tools that someone may need in order to grieve, heal, transition their career, and/or manage and overcome these life events all in one place.

We also learned that experiencing these life events can be very isolating. For us, it would have been very helpful if there had been a positive, safe, and supportive virtual networking and support group where we and our friends and family members could have connected and collaborated with other like-minded individuals. A place where we could have come to find inspiration, hope, and moral support by sharing our experiences, knowledge, and resources, and learned that we were not alone. 

With the growing popularity and use of social media, we began to imagine if there might not be a way to create this much needed  "virtual support group".  Through a little research and some resourcefulness, we discovered that this concept was technologically possible. Our social network, called Voices of Hope, is the virtual support group community that we envisioned.

Overview Of Services 

Overview Of ServicesAt Hiring For Hope, our services for job seekers, couples, and their friends and family members are free, confidential, and compassionate.  They simultaneously provide financial assistance to childless couples, solve the workforce challenges of employers, and ease the emotional, psychological, and financial duress that is so commonly experienced by these populations during times of loss, crises, and transition.  

Employers that use our Workforce Solution Services have the opportunity to solve their workforce challenges at a rate below market average, and also receive the added financial benefit of being able to claim a portion of their costs as a  tax write-off. In addition to these financial and business incentives, employers will have the satisfaction of  knowing that the money that they used to solve their workforce challenges also enabled couples with the opportunity to overcome their obstacles to building their families.  Outlined below is a brief overview of our different service offerings.  For a detailed overview of our services click the green button that says "Overview of Services".



  • Brave Little Soul Grant Program -  Provides hope and financial assistance to  couples that have experienced a loss and/or obstacles to building their families.  Couples that meet our eligibility criteria may be awarded a Grant on behalf of our Brave Little Soul of up to $10,000. Grant monies are awarded to cover costs for the following purposes: fertility treatment, adoption, and at-home fetal monitoring through The Pregnancy Institute.
  • Hiring Incentive Program -Empowers anyone over the age of 18 with an opportunity to regain control over the financial and/or life obstacles that are currently preventing them or a loved one from pursuing and achieving their dreams.  By working part or full time as an independent contractor in the role of a recruiter and/or account executive for us, you can use your contacts and networking skills to earn referral fees each time you refer us a new client and/or job seeker that results in a billable assignment. The fees collected from this networking relationship help us provide our free services and fund our grant program, and also provide you with an opportunity to earn some money.  It is possible that each time you contribute to an individual getting hired, you may have enabled yourself with the ability to overcome your own financial obstacles AND also made it possible for us to award another Brave Little Soul Grant to another couple.
  • Partnerships for Hope - Business Partnership Program -  An easy, financially savvy, and strategically clever way for an organization to help us increase awareness of our causes and achieve our mission, while they also simultaneously position their business to benefit from the significant financial, strategic and social benefits associated with aligning their business strategies and initiatives with a social cause.  By contributing support, education, resources and/or making the decision to use our Workforce Solutions, organizations gain an opportunity to increase their revenues, reduce their costs, improve their workforce loyalty and engagement levels, increase the visibility and recognition of their brand, and enhance and showcase their reputation as a socially aware and responsible philanthropic organization.
  • Voices of Hope Social Network -  A free, safe, and informative and supportive virtual  support group.  A place for couples, job seekers, and their friends and family members to connect and collaborate with other like-minded individuals and learn that they are not alone. Through this networking relationship individuals have an opportunity to reduce their feelings of  isolation and find inspiration, hope, and moral support. Members can use several multi-media applications to share their experiences, knowledge, and resources and control their desired level of privacy.  Additionally, this network is a place for Hiring for Hope Volunteers to share information, collaborate, and coordinate with each other on projects and fundraising events.
  • Brave Little Souls Memorial Playground - A virtual location for anyone that has lost a child to have a place to remember and memorialize their angel baby.
  • Personal Fundraising/Event Coordination Pages - Hiring for Hope has partnered with FirstGiving (www.firstgiving.com), an online service that makes it possible for anyone to help us achieve our mission by creating a free, secure, and easy to use personal fundraising/event coordination page. FirstGiving’s flexible tools can be customized to support both virtual and traditional fundraising events. Creating a personal online page in order to fundraise in support of Hiring for Hope requires minimal technical knowledge, and will only take a few minutes of your time.

Workforce Solutions Services

  1. Career Placement/Talent Acquisition -  nationally, in all industry sectors, and at all levels of an organization. Opportunities are available to all United States employers and professional job seekers. We focus on paid contract, contract to hire, and permanent direct hire placements. We also provide volunteer and internship opportunities.
  2. Career Transition and Outplacement Toolkit - Our Career Transition Toolkit is designed to provide HOPE for job seekers by equipping them with the necessary support, resources, tools, and knowledge needed in order to successfully maneuver the entire career transition process. All of our workshops are provided in a free E-learning format and are designed to be a convenient way to learn.  Employers may also utilize this Toolkit as an outplacement resource free of charge.
  3. Assessment Services -  Myers-Briggs Personality Assessments, TKI Conflict Handling, and Firo B  Interpersonal Relations Assessments.
  4. Pre-Employment Screening - Several different screening options to choose from.

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